Although worship services are temporarily suspended and this church building is regrettably no longer open, we PRAY ON !

Rev. Stephen Hazlett

( Interim Priest) is available for all pastoral needs and prayer requests on 01557 620132 / 07900231360

stephen.hazlett@greyfriarsstmarys.org.uk     He will also visit emergency situations.

Rector’s pastoral “ thought for the week”Many people compare these dark days we are living through to life in the last War. Those of you who lived through WW2 at least could get together for parties! During that time the world was inspired by our very own Winston Churchill. Yet in 1945 , the crowd “ cheered Churchill — and voted Labour!”. It proves how fickle popularity can be . This Palm Sunday we remember when our Lord rode in triumph into Jerusalem, and thousands spread palm leaves before him shouting “ Hosanna” . Yet days later they were screaming for his death. The great Palm Sunday hymn “ Ride on in majesty” will be sung alone by me in St Mary’s and Greyfriars this Sunday — not a pretty sound ! — but the final verse says “ In lowly pomp ride on to die; bow Thy meek head to mortal pain, then take O God Thy power and reign” I continue to pray for each of you and families by name.  PLEASE phone me for any pastoral support. Stephen

All services and other meetings are cancelled until further notice. For pastoral info please see contacts page.

Welcome to

St John the Evangelist,


A member of the Scottish Episcopal Church

Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway

Charity No. SCO23329
An Incumbency

North Strand Street, Stranraer, Wigtownshire DG9 7LD

email stjohnsstranraer@hotmail.co.uk

Secretary to the Vestry

Tel 01581 400 284 / 0756 1020 831

Regular Weekly Services

Sunday Communion 11am 1982 Liturgy

Thursday Communion 11am 1970 Liturgy

Easter/Christmas/Saints days etc as advertised.

Scottish Liturgy 1982

Scottish Liturgy Reserved Sacrament 1982

Scottish Liturgy 1970

All are welcome at our services and all who are baptised are invited to share our Eucharist. We are in Communion with the Anglican Church, Church of Ireland, Church in Wales and the Worldwide Episcopal and Anglican Churches.

Refreshments are served after every service.

Our church is on the 1st floor of a building shared with the Library. It is a modern tranquil space built in the early 1990’s overlooking Loch Ryan. The space is versatile and is used by numerous local groups for a wide variety of services, meetings and concerts. Contact Anne tel 01776 258518 for bookings.

Disabled Access The church is on the first floor and access is by a modern Stannah lift. The building is then completely level, ideal for wheelchair users. Disabled toilets, Induction Loop, Sound system, Large/coloured print and Braille liturgies permits inclusion for all. We even offer Gluten Free wafers.

Concert Layout
Service Layout

Back issues of Church News can be found on ‘Notices’ page.

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St. John the Evangelist
North Strand Street, Stranraer, Wigtownshire, DG9 7LD.

Secretary to the Vestry Tel 01581 400 284: Mobile 0756 102 0831

Email; stjohnsstranraer@hotmail.co.uk

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