How We Worship @ St John’s

Worship in the Scottish Episcopal Church varies by region, diocese, church, individual practice and custom. There is no right or wrong way to worship and we encourage visitors to relate to God in their own way. St John’s worships in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere but with spiritual reverence.

Our custom at St John’s is to stand for the Gospel, Gloria, Creed, and Hymns  and to sit/kneel for prayers, sermon and readings. Words in BOLD TYPE are for the congregation to recite together. Following Covid 19 Communion is brought to participants in their seats.


A friend from home wrote this poem inspired by her walk at dusk last night....

'Whilst Walking My Dog'

I met God last night, whilst walking my dog.
Under the arch towards the open sea he roared at me.

He loomed up high in front of me as a mighty castle,
dark and forbidding against a crimson sky.

In the whistle of a train he suddenly appeared from around a cliff 
shrieking his coming.

He sang to me sad and gentle in the curlews cry and the lapping waves,
 and he bathed me in a soft pink light of his closing day .

He appeared at the waters edge standing as a lone fisherman
casting his net.

And as I crunched shells underfoot, he stroked my face with his cool dusk breath.

He twinkled at me from afar in the amber lights
of a distant shore.

And he said,
' Stone walls, mans rules, alters and pews cannot contain me,
I am here, I am here, hear that I am here.'

I tasted his salt as he filled me with joy and as a child I skipped home.

Dorothy Morris


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